Delaware County residents are well aware of their vulnerability to natural hazards such as flooding, severe storms, and severe winter storms.  Hazard mitigation planning is a step toward addressing these hazards and the effects on County businesses and population and reducing future damages due to hazard events.  Residents and businesses benefit from comprehensive hazard mitigation planning by using a sustained pro-active approach to reduce or eliminate long term risk to people and property from hazards.  By utilizing mitigation planning, communities assess risks and identify actions to reduce their vulnerability and increase sustainability.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Delaware County Multi-Jurisdictional All-Hazard Mitigation Plan is to identify and reduce, through cost-effective and sustainable mitigation efforts, our vulnerability to natural and man-made hazards.  In doing so, Delaware County seeks to create an informed and prepared community while protecting its health, safety, property, economy, quality of life, and environment.

A Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP) is a living document that communities use to reduce their vulnerability to hazards.  HMPs form the foundation for a community's long-term strategy to reduce disaster losses and break the cycle of disaster damage, reconstruction, and repeated damage.   They create a framework for risk-based decision making to reduce damages to lives, property, and the economy from future disasters.

Further, communities must have an approved HMP to apply for or receive pre-disaster mitigation grant funding. Grant funding is available for projects to mitigate risk to both public and private property.   For example projects such as home elevations and local flood mitigation projects are eligible for funding.  Ultimately, these actions reduce vulnerability, and communities are able to recover more quickly from disasters.

Delaware County’s original HMP was approved by FEMA in June 2006.   By regulation, local HMPs must be formally updated every five years.   The update process is an opportunity for Delaware County and its municipalities to re-examine its vulnerability to natural hazards, evaluate progress on the mitigation strategies identified in the original plan, and add new mitigation actions/projects/initiatives so that the County can continue to lower its overall natural hazard risk.

Delaware County’s Department of Emergency Services and the Planning Department are managing this plan update effort, supported by the Delaware County HMP Steering Committee and Tetra Tech, Inc. (Morris Plains, NJ).  This plan update effort is expected to continue through Spring 2012.  The County and all 29 municipalities (the “Planning Partnership”) have committed to participating in this update process, and so continue to be eligible for pre-disaster mitigation grant funding for eligible projects. 

The 2013 update to the Delaware County All-Hazards Mitigation Plan is complete and can be viewed HERE

For more information, contact Kristin Janke Schneider, Environmental Planner with the Delaware County Planning Department, via phone (607-746-2944) or email (

Contact the County Contacts or Municipal Contacts if you are interested in mitigating your residential or commercial property.

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Public Outreach Activities


Announcements for public outreach activities held during the plan update process shall be made here once they are scheduled.

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County Contacts

Nicole Franzese, Director
Delaware County Planning Department
P.O. Box 367, Highway Department Building
Delhi, NY  13753  
Phone: (607) 746-2944

 Richard J. Bell, Director
Delaware County Department of Emergency Services
280 Phoebe Lane, Suite 3
Delhi, NY  13753
Phone:  (607) 746-9600

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Hazard Mitigation Steering Committee

As the title suggests, the role of the Steering Committee is to provide guidance and direction to the planning effort to ensure the resulting document will be embraced both politically and by the constituency within the planning area. The Steering Committee will provide guidance and leadership, oversee the planning process, and act as the point of contact for all participating communities and the various interest groups in the planning area. The makeup of this committee was selected to provide a cross section of views to enhance the planning effort and to help build support for hazard mitigation.

The Steering Committee that has been selected for this process is as follows:

Name                                       Affiliation

Richard Bell                              Director, DC Department of Emergency Services

Nicole Franzese                                    Director, DC Planning Department

Wayne Reynolds                       Commissioner, DC Department of Public Works

Tom Mills                                 Sheriff, DC Sheriff’s Office

Dean Frazier                             Commissioner, DC Watershed Affairs

Graydon Dutcher                       Stream Program Coordinator, DC Soil & Water Cons. District

Michael Jastresmski                  DC Planning Department

Kristin Janke Schneider             DC Planning Department

Carissa L. Fairbairn                   DC Department of Public Works


Agendas and Minutes for Steering Committee meetings may be reviewed here:

June 15, 2011 Meeting:              Agenda            Minutes

July 18, 2011 Meeting:               Agenda            Minutes

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Resources and Links

Agencies / Organizations


Delaware County Department of Emergency Services:


Delaware County Planning Department:


Delaware County Soil & Water Conservation District

Delaware River Basin Commission

New York State Office of Emergency Management – Mitigation Section:


New York State Department of Environmental Conservation


New York City Department of Environmental Protection


Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Home Page:  


FEMA Hazard Mitigation Division:        


FEMA – Region II:                              




Mitigation Planning


FEMA Hazard Mitigation Planning Page:


Mitigation Planning Guidance Documents:



Flood Insurance and Grant Programs


National Flood Insurance Program:                    


FEMA Mitigation Grant Programs:        





Hazard Mitigation Planning Laws, Regulations and Guidance:



Hazard Information


FEMA Hazard Support:


National Weather Service – National:

National Weather Service Forecast Office – Binghamton, NY:




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